Sunday, February 12, 2012

Strawberry Fabric Basket

I cannot wait to share my latest creation with you! Check out this cute little strawberry fabric basket I made today. I used Ayumi's tutorial, and it came out so cute. I am proud of the fabrics I selected for this, and the strawberry lining is simply adorable!

I am in love with this!

Maybe it will be used to store yarns?! It will be sitting on my sewing table for sure!

Fabrics used:
    - Fruit Basket by Robert Kaufman
    - Children at Play by Sara Jane
    - Fabric with letters printed (I accidentally threw away the salvage) 
    - Japanese fabrics from my trip to Taiwan

Have you been following Jeremy Lin? It's Lin-Sanity at my house for sure. I hope this talented young guy continues to play well. I am so proud of him.


Sharon Troia said...


Anonymous said...

Love the basket inside and out. Thanks for introducing me to the Lin story. So moving! I'm hooked now too.

Maryse said...

Super cute basket! The fabric is lovely, especially the inside!