Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bunny Rug Mug and Sunbonnet Sue

My friend, Dorothee, is a cat lover and has the biggest heart. She looks all tough and stuff, but deep down inside, she is always thinking about other people and the first to help and give to those less fortunate. I wanted to celebrate her kindness this holiday season by making her something special. She is a huge tea drinker so I decided to make her a little cute coaster/mug rug for her to use. It looks similar to a mug rug I made for a swap. I hope this will remind her of how awesome she is every time she sips her tea.
I usually add little buttons to things like this, but didn't think that will work well with cups!

Before my trip to Maui, I finished making a simple wall hanging for my sewing corner. Many of you know that I love Sunbonnet Sue. I love the fact that there is no facial expression on her face so I feel like I can determine her mood based on how I feel. I just love this little character. About three years ago, I started making Sunbonnet Sue blocks from "Sunbonnet Sue and Scottie Too." This book features charming childhood activities, such as jumping rope and reading. I made about nine blocks and decided to turn one of them into a wall hanging. Because this wall hanging is so small and light, I used Command's damage free strips. They are great and work just like double sided tape.

Interesting look with the strips, right!? It was so hard to line them up!

Lastly, remember this slouchy cable hat I made awhile back? I have this project posted on Ravelry, and the pattern designer reached out for permission to use my photo on her pattern page! I was beyond ecstatic! Check out AZURE KNITS. She has the cutest stuff. 

Have a great weekend doing what you enjoy!


Marisa said...

You look like a super model! No wonder they want to use your photo! So cute!!! Dorothee will be so thrilled.
You are super sweet. xo

Alli said...

Your tea rug is so cute! I like that your bunny will be smiling at your friend every time she picks up her cup. :)

I never thought about Sunbonnet Sue that way (with the expression depending on your mood). How interesting!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see Sunbonnet Sue hanging in your house. The tea rug is such a thoughtful idea too. As to your photo-- I agree I can't decide what they wanted more the beautiful hat or the beautiful model.

Maryse said...

I'm so late in my blog reading... Your Sue Sunbonnet quilt is really adorable! And I also thought your slouchy hat looked awesome! No wonder the designer wanted to put it on her pattern page! Merry Christmas Susan!

Dorothee said...

I truly love my teacup rug, I use it daily, thank you again, SO much!!
Hope to see you later this week