Sunday, December 11, 2011

Maui, Hawaii

I returned from a short trip to Maui with my husband this weekend. It was so beautiful, relaxing, and fun. We stayed in an area called "Wailea." It's a really nice part of Maui that doesn't get very rainy or windy. I finished reading two books: Sarah's Key and Heart of the Matter. Both of these books were really good and tear jerking.

The sunset was breath taking. 

We had breakfast by the beach with the rainbow. 

Visited a cutest coffee shop in Pa'ia and had the most delicious/smooth Kauai coffee.

My husband knew that our trip would not be complete without taking me to a quilting or yarn shop of some sort, so when he saw this article in a local magazine, he was determined to take me there :)

The shop had tons of Hawaii quilts on display and kits available for purchase. I find Hawaii quilts interesting, but not enough to actually purchase them. Check out the Hawaii prints I picked up from this shop. 

I am thinking to make Aloha t-shirts with these fabrics.

 A Hawaii quilt on display at the store. 

We also came across another fabric store in Kahului on our way back to the hotel from our drive to Hana. The store was also super close to the airport. This store carried so many Japanese fabrics, and they were so cheap! However, I dislike how I had to dragged these big bulky rolls of fabric to the cutting table. I mean... hello!? Seriously? If I wanted to buy up the whole store, does that mean I have to physically carry all of them?! No, thanks!

Love these big floral prints. 

Tokidoki fabrics from Japan.

Has anyone heard of Tokidoki before? I had no idea what it was until the shop owner mentioned that it's a very popular cartoon thing in Japan? Whatever, it was cute so I got tons of them! See those sushi?

Maui was amazing. I will definitely go back again. Maybe I will stay longer and take a Hawaii quilting class. If you haven't visited Wailea in Maui, I highly recommend it!


Kristen said...

I love Maui! My best friend has lived in Wailea for over 30 years so I have been there many times. I love to go and feel warm, relax and be with my dearest friend from my childhood. I know the quilt store that you wrote about! I've read Sarah's Key, and will read Heart of the Matter on your recommendation. I hope you are enjoying the holidays! Best, Kristen

cinzia said...

I'm soooo jealous! I've been dreaming of Hawaii for some time now. I've never been and it's one of the places I'd to visit some day. BTW you have a great husband if he's insisting on taking you to quilt shops while on vacation!

Maryse said...

I hope I get to visit Hawai one day! I also agree that you have a very nice husband! I love the picture with the rainbow. Amazing!

Anonymous said...

Love all your pictures and descriptions. Sorry your paradise trip is over, but glad you had such a good time and got home safely. I want to go to Hawaii now too!
Love, S

jowdjbrown said...

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Richard C. Lambert said...

I finished reading two books: Sarah's Key and Heart of the Matter. Both of these books were really good and tear jerking. kahului ogg airport

Robert F. Crocker said...

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