Monday, December 19, 2011

Sewing Machine Cover

My dad bought me my sewing machine when I was 13; this was my first ever sewing machine. We had just moved to the US at the time, and I was so excited to have this machine that does magical things. I remember this White Sewing Machine was around $400, very expensive back then (still is). My brother and I were such good kids that my parents wanted to reward our good behavior. My brother got a nice bike, and I got this beautiful sewing machine. I remember going to the sewing center to learn how to operate this sewing machine in English. This was the nicest gift I had ever received at the time, and I have treasured it to this date. I still use the same sewing machine, and I am so proud of my dad for getting me such a special gift.

I have been sewing all these years, but it never occurred to me to make a nice sewing machine cover. I did some research over the weekend and didn't find any sewing machine cover pattern that I liked, so I sketched one up to match this nice pouch I received for Dawn from a swap this year. This pouch currently stores all of my sewing tools. It's always on my sewing table, so I figured I would make a machine cover to go with it. It was my first time working with Dresden, and I enjoyed it. It was so late when I started working on this, so I ended up just making my own Dresden template! Got to strike while the iron is hot, right!?

My machine all dressed up :) 

I even created an opening for the plug. I wasn't sure if I was up for the challenge, but this YouTube video tutorial on how to create binding for inside corners helped tremendously.
It's not perfect, but it will do.

My sewing table has a nice finish that I don't want to ruin, so I made a sewing machine mat to go with it. I usually have my sewing machine sitting on some type of mat. 

Double sided. I used the same cherry lining for the sewing machine cover.

Cherry lining for my double sided sewing machine cover.

This is how my sewing machine cover used to look like.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful sewing machine cover and tribute to your dad.

Sharon Troia said...

Very cute, nice job! I'm impressed!!

Kristen said...

What a sweet story! My parents bought me a sewing machine when I was 11. I was so surprised and so happy, I'll never forget it and thought they were the kindest most generous parents ever.

You made a nice sweater for it, even a little hole for the tail!

Maryse said...

Now your sewing machine is very stylish! What a nice story it has too! Merry Christmas dear Sue! Enjoy the time off and take care xxx

cinzia said...

Fantastic job on the cover! I love it! And I love the story ,too. You must have been a really good girl.

Alli said...

Your cover and mat are adorable! I also have my machine on a placemat, but it's a cheapie ugly one. :D