Saturday, May 5, 2012

Baby Lamb for Baby Shower

I have been tasked to design and make invitations for an upcoming baby shower. I took my honorable task very seriously and started to sketch out a few designs that can be created easily. The theme for my friend's baby shower is lamb. After scratching out a few ideas, here is the one I decided on.

Love gingham! So appropriate for baby shower.

These measure approximately 2.5"x3.5" and will be placed in the lower left hand corner of the invitation. The invitation itself will be printed on nice white card stock paper and layered on top of a blue shade card stock. I am sure green grass and simple flowers will be drawn somewhere on that as well. 

All stacked up and ready! 

The hardest part of designing this lamb was making sure it can be replicated easily. Body parts were glued using glue dot foams. I love this product; it makes the end product three dimensional! I hope recipients of these cards find them adorable and show up to my friend's baby shower with bells on. 

Some of you may know that I love Sunbonnet Sue, especially the Japanese version. My dad knows Sunbonnet Sue is my favorite sewing character, so he went out of his way to buy me one of the last few limited edition Sunbonnet Sue coaster sets!

 The clothesline/laundry one is my favorite. 

These coasters are backed with cork and when not in use they go into this little container.

I can tell you that I will probably not use them as coasters; they are way too cute for that purpose! I will find a way to properly display them. Thanks, dad! He not only took the train to get to the store, he even fought the crowd to get one of the last two! And he didn't even tell me about it until he went through the trouble of buying them. *happy*


Kristen said...

You designed those? Absolutely adorable! I would LOVE to get that little lamb in the mail. I'm sure everyone will smile when they see it.

cinzia said...

what a sweet lamb! Great job. And lucky you on having an awesome dad. I agree that those coaters are too cute to use!