Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lavender Field

We have been blessed by nice and warm weather in our area, so we spent a good amount of time in the garden today. While we were in the yard, I noticed my lavender field is blooming! Just a few months ago I thought they were dead! Good thing I didn't get rid of them.

I cut them up and brought them into my house :)

I placed them throughout my house for the fragrance.

They are tied up into small bundles using twine. 

These lavenders are so beautiful in their own way. I love how they are not huge, but make such a presence... field of lavender is a breathtaking scene. Also, did I mention that the fragrance is so fresh, clean,  and sweet?


Anonymous said...

Love your little story. Look so pretty even without smell.

Katie said...

So pretty! I grow tons of lavender, but just for the look. I actually HATE the way it smells, so I never bring it in the house ;-)

Maryse said...

Lavender is so delicate and has a smell that is so comforting I think! Mine is all dried (not to say dead)... You inspire me to buy a new one! Have a great Sunday!

cinzia said...

You have a lavender FIELD!? How lucky. I have a couple of tiny lavender plants. I love how they release the smell as I walk by and brush up against them. No sign of them yet in Montreal, though. It's just getting warm now.

Alli said...

How cool! I wish I was gardeny and could grow a lavender field!