Sunday, May 27, 2012

Shanghai Spring Rolls

I know you probably have had spring rolls before, but nothing tastes as good as the ones my mom makes. Her springs rolls are one of my favorite dishes that she cooks. The secret is in how she prepares the ingredients. The ingredients usually include Napa cabbage, beansprouts, leek greens, eggs, organic chicken, and Chinese mushrooms. Every item needs to be prepared "separately" and completely well drained. For example, Napa cabbage becomes extremely soggy after it's cooked, so my mom usually waits hours after they are cooked, then she wraps the cooked Napa cabbage in muslin fabric to squeeze out all of the water. If you don't do this, then your spring rolls will become extremely soggy. It usually takes my mom two days just to prepare this huge bowl of goodies that will be used to make her world famous spring rolls.

 Ingredients are all ready to go!

After the ingredients are prepared, you want to use them as soon as possible or the ingredients will become soggy. This is when I usually take over and make these spring rolls so my mom can sit, take a break, and adore my skill :) 

These flour sheets tear easily, so one must be cautious when wrapping them. 

Deep frying them... Good thing I remember to take this photo before they all were removed. 

Crispy, crunchy, golden brown, heavenly, and simply delicious! This is when they fly off the plate.

World's best spring rolls made by my mom.


Kristen said...

I'd like to crunch on a few of those right now!

Alli said...

Those look deeeelicious! How about if I come over and steal some... ;)

Maryse said...

I just finished dinner and looking at this makes me want to continue to eat until there is nothing more left ;-)))

Sinichka-gaichka said...

it looks very tasty!