Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Recap of mother's day this year...

An amazing and simple summer dessert. This idea came from Angie's Pantry. Basically you take an orange and slice off the end of it so it can stand up. Then you slice off the top and save it for later. Remove as much of the flesh of the orange as you can and place the empty orange cup and top in the freezer. Instead of using orange sorbet as per Angie's instructions, I used strawberry sorbet, vanilla ice cream, and passion fruit sorbet (in that order). These Belgium waffles are from Wholefoods. 

 This was a huge hit!

Beautiful peonies for my mom; these peonies are as big as my hand and the fragrance is simply unlike any other flower. I think this is my favorite flower of all time. 

Love the bright colors. 

 And of course, hot chocolate to conclude this wonderful day.

Wishing all mothers a very happy mother's day. You deserve the best, and only the best. 


Maryse said...

Seems like you had a wonderful day! Thanks for sharing the dessert idea!

Jessica Oliveto said...

Peonies are my favorite flower of all time! But I have never seen one so pink. I have some on my desk now from my mom's house but they are white.