Monday, July 25, 2011

Moda Sherbet Pips Pouch - Received

I came home last week to a big package in the kitchen and immediately knew that it was from my Pretty {Little} Pouch Swap ~ Round 2's swap partner (Dawn) in Canada. This pouch Dawn made me is exactly what I wanted; it had the right color, shape and even Moda's Sherbet Pips fabric collection that I almost bought about a month ago. I feel so lucky to have had such a wonderful swap partner who values good quality work, which is important to me. Also, did I mention that she is a fan of Moda as well?

Look at that! Aren't the colors amazing?

Lining of the pouch. 

Look at her work, it's so impressive. The inside of the bag is completely lined; there isn't a corner that's unfinished. The entire pouch is just so professionally made. I really appreciate it! 

The pouch wasn't all, take a look at what else Dawn made me. 
Take a look at the pink knitted bag she made!

I am thinking to use the pouch to store my ongoing knitting projects so I can enjoy the pouch everywhere I go! I will definitely have to use the knitted pink bag this summer. It will be so perfect! Thank you again, Dawn!

On a different note, I dropped off my sewing machine today to have it serviced. I checked my warranty card, it says "Date of Purchased: 06-18-1997." It's been 15 years! Can you believe it!? 

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Maryse said...

Wow! This little pouch is so pretty! You are spoiled ;-) What a perfect knitting bag! I never thought of a knitted bag for projects (although it seems obvious)! Have a good Friday!