Sunday, July 10, 2011

Disney World and More Monsters!

I hope everyone had a fantastic fourth of July and a nice few days to relax. I spent a week in Orlando for work, but was able to visit downtown Disney. I really didn't like the weather in Orlando, it was too hot and humid for me... definitely did not want to knit... no way!

Here is what I did for my fourth of July holiday before my Orlando trip; I made another set of Daphne and Delilah the Mama and Baby Monster by Rebecca Danger. These little monsters are for a special recipient in mind.
Monsters hanging out by the fireplace

Hold on tight little monster!

Something doesn't look quite right here, can you tell? 

Did you get it? I forgot to turn the mama monster inside out before I did the three-needle bind off! Do you see the bump/braid above the eyes??!! It's not supposed to be there. I only realized it when I was reading the instructions for the baby monster... This can only mean that I also made the same mistake with my Domo! I also forgot to turn him inside out! ARG.... O well...

I think I am done making these monsters for awhile... time for a new project. Any suggestions?


Maryse said...

Your little monsters are awesome! Love the color combo! Do you knit socks? I think they are so much fun to knit :-)

cinzia said...

I love these monsters you've been making! The little one in the pocket is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Super cute monsters! I love it. If you belong to Facebook you should check out the Octopuses on Paper-Coterie page. They are super cute. I love all the knit animals. Wish I could knit.