Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fabric Shopping in San Francisco

I had a hair appointment in the city today and decided to visit a few fabric stores while I was there. I was reminded of why I don't like San Francisco; it was super windy and cold, driving was extremely difficult, and parking just wasn't easy in general. But regardless, I enjoyed my visit. Here is a summary of my day with my lovely husband who took me from one store to another and waited for me patiently!

First stop: Britex Fabrics 
Britex Fabrics is right off Union Square and has four floors of shoppings for fabric lovers. The first and second floor are completely packed with fabric, the third floor has notions, and the fourth floor is full of fabric remnants stored very neatly. This place was amazingly well-organized and has almost everything a sewer may need. I bought some fancy machine quilting thread to finish a baby quilt that I started a long time ago.

Second stop: Peapod Japanese Fabric Store

Peadpod recently moved down the street from where it was before. I must say that I like this new location so much more; it's slightly bigger and much brighter than before. Parking was still difficult, but it  was okay because I had my husband. He waited in the car and read patiently while I went crazy fabric shopping! Fabrics shown above are some of what I got today from Peapod. See that boring looking linen all the way to the left? That's the one I am most excited about; it's a combination of linen and high qualify cotton so that's easy to hand quilt! I cannot wait to work with that material. 

Third stop: Miette Confiserie 

By this time, we definitely needed a break! We stopped by the infamous Miette Confiserie; it was adorable, fun, and full of beautifully packaged goodies. I had the hazelnut and strawberry macaroons, but they were nothing like the ones I had in Paris. I guess a visit to Paris is needed if you want really good and fresh macaroons. 

After all these stores and two hours at my hair salon, we wrapped it up by having pizza at Little Stars. This little hole in the wall pizza place has over 1700 4.5 stars reviews on Yelp! Can you believe it?! 

Phew~ That was a long day! I hope you had a great Saturday as well. 


cinzia said...

Sounds like a great day to me! Your huband is very patient!

Marisa said...

Peapod is THE BEST! I really want to go back there again sometime. We should try to visit together. Love that you tried Little Star. Did it knock your socks off or what? Mmmmm. Britex was kinda fun, but there was so much there and they really hate kids so we left pretty fast.