Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Miss Piggy and her Jump Rope

I know this is a bit crazy and very un-pouch like, but how's this for a pouch swap? I swear... it really is a pouch, it has a zipper on the back. I think it's big enough to hold a few coins. This has been done mostly by hand, the size is about 5"x5". Is this too small? I got this idea from a Japanese book that I got many years ago. 

Guess what my husband noticed when I showed him? 
He said "hm... honey, the rope is too short for the pig! She may trip!" LOL 

See! Told you there is a zipper :)

I pieced the front using multiple hexagons; my swap partner likes pink, so here you go.

Template I traced for the pig. 

Really hope my partner is okay with this pig pouch... It's either the pig or the crazy looking pouch


LethargicLass said...

I'm pretty much in love with both the pouches you made :) They may not be the "usual" pouches but they are awesome all the same :)

Maryse said...

How cute! Aren't you sad to have to part with it? Hope you are having a great summer!