Saturday, July 30, 2011

Quilted Toaster Oven Cozy

My mom has this small toaster oven in her kitchen that she uses all the time. She usually has a few items on top of the toaster oven, but don't you worry... she always removes everything before turning on the oven. I decided to make her this simple quilt to go on top of the toast oven. I mean, come on! Have you seen the top of any toaster over? It's very boring! I am just looking for every opportunity to quilt for things around the house.

I used all of the blue and green fabric from my new Denyse Schmidt's collection. I love the way this came out!

The finished size measures 8" x 14", it sits perfectly over the toast oven. I cut each square into 2.5" with 0.25" seam allowance, the long strips measure about 1" in height and 18" across. 

I plan to visit Britex Fabrics in San Francisco tomorrow. This is one of the largest fabric store on the west coast and has been around for more than 50 years. I cannot believe that I haven't been! It's about time I visit them. I will take some good pictures for you. 

By the way, thanks to those of you who continue to support my blog by leaving my comments and complimenting my work. I really appreciate every comment from you. Thank you! :)


Maryse said...

;-) You're welcome! I'm sure that you have more readers than you think! Nice toaster oven quilt. I have a question: where's your knitting? ;-) Just kidding... Have a great weekend!

patchworkdelights said...

Hi Susan, glad to have found your blog again! Check out my flickr page for the final result of that mug rug with french knots. Fi

Anonymous said...

I love your quilt. YOur work is beautiful. Glad you had fun in San fran. Sue L.