Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Productive Week

Wow! It's been one busy week, and the weather is not helping either. We had trees on our property trimmed and removed. The fig tree was really getting out of control. However, I am really missing the Magnolia tree we had on our front lawn. It has been dead for awhile, and we didn't even know! I didn't realize how much I would miss having a large tree on my lawn though. Replacing this tree is very high on my list of things to take care of this weekend. We are probably just going to get another Magnolia tree. Do you have any suggestions?

I frogged the Live Oak Shawl that I started awhile back and casted on again with a smaller needle (US size 4); I am really liking how it looks with size 4. I am about to start the lace pattern, so I guess you can say I am 50% done!

I am not liking this shade of pink...

On an exciting note, I finally ordered a nice brown 22" separating zipper and finished installing this zipper into the Quilted Diamond Vest for my mom. I ordered the zipper from Zipper Stop; it was very hard for me to find the right color from local craft stores. The selections just weren't very good. I think I visited over 10 websites and watched at least five different YouTube videos before I figured out the best way to install a zipper into a knitted piece. I took a few in-progress photos and will share with you how I installed this zipper. I think I did a pretty good job. I will ask my mom to model for this weekend so you can see it :)


Karen said...

Ooh I am looking forward to seeing how you installed the zipper. I think I've done one zipper, it was definitely not on a knitted piece.

We were at a nursery today buying mulch. If I'd had room in my yard, I would have been tempted to buy a peach try, (my MIL's peaches are divine) or perhaps a plum - the blossoms smelled wonderful!

Maryse said...

I hope to have some trees on my backyard this summer. I would like to have a Magnolia but it may not be the best option. Chances are I will get Japanese Lilac and I don't know yet what else! Trees and flowers... I so look forward to summer ;-)

Jennifer said...

You have inspired me to make a shawl!